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Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan


Spend less time managing your benefit program with exclusive advisor support, easy to use forms and simple administration.

Let my-benefits® be your online personal assistant allowing you to manage your plan, calculate payroll deductions, print off forms, booklets and more.

Reduce your workload with my-benefits for employees. Employees have online access to their plan information, electronic claim submission, claims usage, forms, booklets and drug cards. They can even see when they’re eligible for their next check-up!

A Group Benefit Plan that won’t squeeze your budget – with fair renewals and innovative offerings for small business. A Chambers Plan is the simple solution to attracting and keeping quality employees.


Add stability and predictability to your employee benefit premiums. Tired of playing the rate chasing game? Changing group carriers each year? Guessing what your benefit costs will be next year?


Don’t be fooled by artificially discounted rates. The Chambers Plan was specifically developed to provide stability year after year.

Concerned about rising group insurance premiums?


In a pooled plan, premiums are based on the average of claims across all participants. When your claims are bundled together with thousands of similar firms in a pool, premiums stay manageable and predictable.

Join a Chamber today


For your company

The Chambers Plan is a not-for-profit program – all surpluses stay in the Plan and help lower premiums.

Business Assistant Service included FREE in every plan giving owners access to professional accounting, legal and human resource experts.

For your employees

Puts 50,000 medical specialists at your service as every Chambers Plan participant has FREE access to Best Doctors® services – connecting seriously ill individuals and their treating physicians with world renowned specialists.

Keep your employees healthy and productive with access to my-benefits health®, our health and wellness website – with information to help manage illnesses, find doctors and other health practitioners.

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